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At PPP we extrude eco-friendly NatureWorks™ PLA in our factory in Ashford. We supply PLA in sheet format and as thermoformed packaging. Its properties include:
 Excellent forming properties
 High clarity and gloss
 Flavour and aroma barriers
 Resistance to most oils and fats found in food products

Why choose NatureWorks™ PLA?

There are a number of sound environmental and economic reasons to choose this eco-friendly polymer. Especially as it offers equal/better performance than comparable petroleum-based polymers widely used within the packaging industry.
PLA (polylactide) is made from corn, in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Plant sugars, extracted from the corn, are converted into plastic through fermentation and separation processes. Corn is readily available and is an annually renewable raw material, unlike petroleum. It takes 25-55% fewer fossil resources to produce PLA. PLA is greenhouse gas neutral, emitting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than petroleum-based polymers; with the added bonus that carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere as the corn is grown.
PLA packaging products, at the end of their life-cycle, also have the advantage of being fully compostable in industrial composting facilities, producing harmless waste products of oxygen, water, inorganic compounds and organic biomass which can be returned to the soil, and most importantly, leaving no toxic residue.

NatureWorks™ PLA has certificate EN13432 for compostability of packaging in Europe.

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