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Catering Products that sparkle just like crystal!
Caterers looking for something a little different will love CrystalPlas™ products. This extensive range of stylish platters, trays, bowls, plates and even vases are based on traditional crystal designs and are ideal for all catering applications, including:
 Corporate hospitality events
 Residential centres
 Outdoor catering events
 Yachts and caravans

CrystalPlas™ products are made from crystal styrene and sparkle and look just like crystal. They offer customers a number of distinct advantages:

 Unique and very stylish product range
 Look and sparkle just like real crystal
 Light and easy to handle yet durable
 Can be used in a glass free environment
 Cost effective (similar in cost to foil and thermoformed platters)
 Stronger and more durable than other disposable products
 Can be washed and used again and again, BUT
 Cheap enough to throw away after use

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